So Federer Won Australian Open, Yawn

Yeah, so Federer won the Australian Open, whoop dee doo. Yeah, so it is his tenth slam (before the age of 26), big deal.

Fact of the matter is, that aside from the one strange fact that he didn’t drop a set through the tournament, Federer winning the Aussie Open, or his tenth slam is nothing to get excited about.

Other people had won 10 slams before reaching the age of 26 as well. Most notably, Pete Sampras. I do not remember much discussion whether Sampras was the best ever back when he won his tenth grand slam.

When Sampras won his tenth slam, he actually destroyed Cedric Pioline at Wimbledon, 6-4, 6-, 6-4. Federer’s score today was 7-5. 6-4. 6-4. Not only that, but Pioline, an all court player playing on Wimbledon’s grass, was probably much stiffer competition for Sampras than a clay court baseliner like Gonzalez was for Federer.

As such, when in the upcoming weeks you hear whether Federer is the greatest ever, laugh and move on. It’s just the Aussie Open (no one cares for it, I mean come on, guys like Petr Korda won it), and its just Fernando Gonzalez (whom you’ll never hear from again — meanwhile, Pioline, Sampras’ 10th slam final opponent, was a multiple time grand slam finalist, the other being the 93 US Open).

That other stat, that Federer didn’t drop a stat is a bunch of baloney. No one has ever cared how many sets one drops during a grand slam, and we’re not about to start now. If anything, it shows how weak the rest of the field is, something we knew already.


13 responses to “So Federer Won Australian Open, Yawn

  1. you are a glass half empty person, cant appreciate anything good !

  2. I really don’t think it is a matter of glass half full or empty, but the fact that he does not have a stiff competition like his predecessors. He has himself, openly stated in his interviews, that he would have enjoyed his wins more if he was playing in era of Laver or Brog. I think it is presumptuous of him to think that he would have won against either of the two, but, I guess one can afford to be presumptuous when there is no serious competition.

  3. Federer is the GOAT. He is a wonderful ambassador for the game of Tennis. A wonderful sportsman.
    He deserves his remakable success. And will surpass all that went before him. Probably within 2 years. Long may he reign

  4. Yeh be proud and priviliged you are witnessing the Fed era

  5. Fed will do the Slam in 2007

  6. yawnnn……………………………..

  7. Hahaha, grow up man

  8. Fernando Gonzalez is a baseline claycourt player is he?
    Learn some Tennis first before opening yer big gob Moron. And what was Cedric Pioline afterall?
    A bloody journeyman thats what

  9. ok

  10. Yes do your homework first before opening this blog. You’re pathetic, and what a lonely place you live in.

  11. yeah, yeah, yeah

  12. i will be honest with you. Roger wining the Aussie open is nothing short of specutacular. For his to establish himself as an all court player and win the slams as consistant as he does makes me a great player in his own regard and the best player on the tour right. ( Subsequently, Marat Safin has the most talent but injuries have taken their toll.) I honestly think you really want true fans of tennis to bother with your nonsense…. thus , i will indudge you brother.

  13. fuck off la. federer is the greatest now. speechless?

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