Welcome To The Site You Always Wanted

It wasn’t a big deal when Federer won a few grand slam events and ran off a bunch of mini win streaks. We could chalk him up as yet another upstart pretender. However, due to the weakness of the men’s tennis game today, Federer’s brain numbing (alleged) superiority, people are starting to wonder whether “Federer is the greatest ever.” This moronic question that the mainstream media cannot stop asking has finally caused me to declare what is on everyone’s mind: I Hate Roger Federer.

As such, I have created this site, so that we may first accept the fact that we hate Roger Federer, and then we might make every single possible excuse for why he isn’t the best ever yet, nor will be the best ever, ever.

I want to state at the outset that this site is a tennis fan’s site. I do not believe in, nor wish, nor advocate, any physical harm upon Roger Federer. It is possible that he may be a very good person in his personal life. However, as a tennis player, I have every right to hate him, and every right to make every possible excuse against him.

I will remove any and all abusive comments. It is possible to hate a tennis player without calling him names or wishing ill upon him and his family.

Ultimately, the media is so desperate to make Federer into a god — a sort of Tennis Tiger Woods — that they’ll twist every fact and misconstrue all tennis history.

We are going to say no and protest against that, because we know the truth: no matter how much Federer wins, he is not the greatest ever. He does not compare to the great champions of the past.


28 responses to “Welcome To The Site You Always Wanted

  1. We are going to say .
    YES YES YES. More power to your elbow Fed.!!

  2. Don’t get injured Fed PLEEEEEseeee

  3. Iloverogerfederer

    I love you…even if you hate Roger Federer.
    Coz …We are enjoying the Roger Federer Era.
    It’s no time to hate, just time to celebration and love each other include Roger’s ENEMY.

  4. Good try…but boring site

  5. Hate is a fucking disgusting word.
    Grow up moron

  6. ok

  7. Maybe Pete wasn’t mentioned as being the greatest player in the world because he didn’t PLAY like one, unlike Federer! This is absolutely the worst damn website I have ever seen and if you are THIS bored to de-grade a tennis master, than I suggest you pick up a racket and do more constuctive things with your hands. This site reminds me of some dinosaur shithead who argues the Federer/Sampras all time great and from what you wrote, I’d say you’re awfully insecure about yourself. Obviously, Federer must have destroyed one of your “tennis greats”. Did they not like their bagels??

  8. Sampras had the most boring era. He’s only the greatest (but not for long) because he has the numbers – 14 slams. Otherwise he isn’t even great, especially his game. What is so great about winning matches by just blasting aces and that’s it? He really cheapened the sport. Federer only uses his big serve when things get a little shaky, otherwise he PLAYS REAL TENNIS and fights it out with his opponents, point by point, that’s why we get to see his awesome shots. I almost feel sorry for you for opening this blog. How could you be so unhappy over something so wonderful that’s happening to tennis? Go get someone to love you. Loser!

  9. You’re a bit of a T@@T mate!!

  10. are you a yanker ??!!

  11. I meant TW@T

  12. Oh dear. You don’t seem to be getting a great deal of support in your pathetic crusade, do you? Maybe you should give it up and see if you can find a better use for your time, such as learning to tie your shoe-laces.

  13. I hate Kobe Bryant because he is a basketball god… I hate Tiger Woods because he is a golf legend already… I hate Roger Federer because he doesn’t care what dolts say for he seems to always prove the notion …actions speak louder than words…. To the owner of this site… i don’t know whether to comend you or condemn you…all I know is your are entillted to your opinion…however do you think Federer actually reads these moronic articles…HAHA i guess during the time he would be reading this he could be perfecting his 2nd serve (his liability ROFL)

    (P.S. Roger Is a god , but Safin has more talent… don’t worry he will pull out a couple more slamssss…i hope :I

  14. Thank you for this website. It’s about time. Seems like there are some Sampras haters here as well. Just shows how ignorant these people are. They probably haven’t even watched Sampras throughout his career.

  15. Tennis Realist

    Federer is a good player, there’s no question about that. However, the greatest of all time? That isn’t a realistic statement. When you look at the top 10 in men’s tennis today, it is filled with players of lesser skill than a few years ago. Example: How has Mardy Fish been ranked in the Top 10 with only 2 singles titles? It’s just the up and down of sports. However, the reason Federer has run off so many titles is due to the fact that there simply is no one to bring any competition in the Top 10, besides Nadal. And when you look at Federer vs. Nadal, Nadal is ahead in matches. Nadal simply represents a better caliber of talent that the rest of the players in the Top 10. Look at Todd Martin: No. 10 in 1999, but with 8 singles titles. He was consistent with 13 wins over top 10 players iin 1999. Compare that with Andy Roddick, ranked no. 4 in 2006 with 1 win over a top 10 player in 2006. See the difference? With better competition, Federer would not have the titles he currently has. I equate Federer’s talent with that of Ivan Lendl, a great player, no doubt. Similar skills, similar serves, but Lendl played in 2 different eras of tennis: Connors/McEnroe and Becker/Edberg. Lendl’s career slam titles: 8. So, by my estimation, if Federer played in an era with better players in the Top 10, he would have approximately 8 slam titles, similar to Lendl. Federer is very good, but clearly not the best ever.

  16. what is up with you?

    i don’t think you should trash about people like this. his love is tennis, it is his game, he plays how he wants. at 12 years of age i havn’t won a single tournament in lvl 4. yet everyone says i am amazing at tennis. i have an 85 mph 1st serve and wonderful backhand and forehand. And you bring in the little girls who call everything out. THen comes the 2nd serve. it sucks. i lose. its gone.

    but fed is the opposite he is fierce and a great tennis player. if you have a HATE WEBSITE for this dude, then he must be a riot to most.


  17. what is up with you?

    (btw im not the little girl who calls everything out in the last cmt)

    And the reason ig to to this site was reading a magazine that said the ihatefederer domain for the website has not been taken.

    NOW it has.





  18. roger is a great player

    your a dick head.. i bet you can’t even win against a 1 year old in tennis… why insult federer? are you that jealous of him… or are you some kind of psycho-fan knowing you can’t have him for yourself you try to destroy his image.. leave the guy alone… he’s doing what he loves and you hate him for winning all the time and feeling good about it?!?!?!? hahhahah grow up..!

  19. roger federer won't give a shit about you

    OH, i get it. You’re just another jealous prick who hates people simply because the’ve probably beaten your idol a couple of times. Grow up man.

  20. ROGER RULES!!!!!!!!!!
    ROGER RULES!!!!!!!!!!
    ROGER RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Thank you for making this site. Roger Federer is a boring piece of junk who should have never left Switzerland. Thank god he’s not dominating the tennis world anymore. Here’s to hoping he lifted that slam trophy for the last time ever.

  22. THE TRUTH:

    Roger has a small MOSHO… and Its affecting him mentally. He has completely lost the plot. How the hell did he sob like a baby after Nadal beat him in Australia…

    True champions take it on the chin and then get up again and try again. ever since that loss his wheels have fallen off and he is getting worse by the day.

    Im glad he got married, he needs it. He needs to try use his mosho as soon as possible before it becomes extinct just like his game.

    Sampras had real competition in his time. Now all of a sudden that there is some talent in the ATP, Roger is failing… he had noone before…

    Just for the record… Please look at all the grand slams he has won, and see who he beat in those finals.

    Then do the same for Pete and see who he beat in the finals.

    Do a comparison of how many of those guys they beat were real competitors. You will see that Sampras beat more big guns than fed did.

    I hope someone responds so we can get the debate going… Lets talk facts here ppl and not emotions…

    Fed was good! Sampras was Great… no jokes… Sampras played in an era where competition was stronger.

  23. Sampras Rules!!!!

    To all the Fed Fans,
    Wake up, Federer will never be compared to Sampras or Agassi or Lendl or Becker. May be you didn’t follow these great tennis Players Career over time but,when Federer was 300 something in the ATP World’s Ranking, he couldn’t face Pete “Pistol” Sampras. It was NOTHING, is NOTHING AND WILL NOT BE ANYTHING. You can’t compare Federer/Nadal duets with Sampras/Agassi, these are Real Players, Federer should thank God since Sampras, Agassi, Becker, Muster and go on are not playing now, otherwise he would not be Ranked.

    Nice website, Sampras Rules!!!!

  24. I like this kind of site. Federer is an annoying bastard, and I can’t stand the collective sucking of his dick. Impossible to deny how good a player he is, but I still hate him with a considerable passion. Good on you for making this site.

  25. people are so sad, its only a laugh

    and yes i hate roger too!!! he’s a big girls blouse, and that white suit thing he wore at wimbledon was hideous.

    nadal rules!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  26. im just watching the basler finals, and i really hope that federer is going to loose. why? ‘coz i dont like him. thats all 🙂

    peace and light

  27. Admiring the hard work you put into your site and detailed information you offer. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material. Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account. dffbfekcegbd

  28. I am so glad that other people can’t stand RF – thought it was just me. He’s smug and vain, and NOT the best. It is impossible to say anyone is the best – I’ve watched Newcombe, Borg, Sampras, Rafter and of course Rafa to name but a few – no huge egos, no “gamesmanship” (cheating). No thinking the entire tennis audience adores them. No crass adverts pulling a trolley full of trophies (pass me the bucket). What a phoney !!!

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