This Person Hates Roger Federer Too

I am not alone, just the first in the movement.

There are others.

Now we are two.


12 responses to “This Person Hates Roger Federer Too

  1. Yeah, you`re in good company, Dumb & Dumber. HAHAHA. Please don`t reproduce when you reach adolescence!

  2. A new day and you’re still a TW@ mate !!!

  3. I hate Roger Federer because he’s a tennis machine, he has no passion for the game, just a need to win and be perfect. I love Nadal and Roddick because you do feel the love they have for the game. I am so happy today because of Federer’s loss at India Wells in the first round! Also, I have a very strong suspicion that he’s gay and trying to hide it.

  4. Don'thate-appreciate

    That person is an idiot, lol. One would think you’d want to align yourself with someone who could do better than “Federer’s girlfriend is ugly, and let’s keep it real, she’s a bit of a fatty” as a basis for hating Roger. Then again, I guess the pickings are slim…

  5. I hate roger. I hate him so much.

    I have made comics about how much i hate him and tiger woods. Please look!

  6. I am a great fan of Federer… but I agree that it got a bit too boring when he was winning all the time 😛 Eventually, people will start hating you even when all you give is your best.

    But 2008 proved that Roger Federer is merely human 🙂 A String of good losses to known and unknowns players… set the stage for a better face-off in the grand slams to come!


    BTW, I like Roddick too. He’s also quite a good and humble personality 🙂

  7. I hate Federer too
    and you are not alone check this group on facebook:

    I bet I can find 1.000.000 people who hate Roger Federer

  8. I hate him too. Oh gawd, how much i hate him 😦

  9. federer is a pompous ass. i hate him too. praise on high, im not alone! what a tool, that federer is…

  10. he’s so arrogant now and loves himself with his lame-ass RF brand

  11. Tomorrow Wimbledon is starting. Let’s hope Fed gets kicked off shortly 🙂

    I am rooting for Rafa 🙂

  12. I could never help thinking I want to see him lose. Every time I watch him. As others have said, he has no passion. Admittedly, he’s a great player. But he has no soul. And it pisses me off to hear some say he’s the greatest tennis player EVER. I don’t hear that so much anymore. I loved seeing him lose to Djokovic yesterday.

    Just for the record:

    I also dislike Tiger Woods (and I did before his mistress-meltdown).

    But, I like Andy Roddick. I’d like to see him do better.
    I’ll go along with

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