Hating Roger Federer Is Key To Beating Him

Even Roger Federer’s people admit to something we already knew; that hating Roger is a good thing. In fact, you should hate him if you want to beat him. Here are some ways to beat Roger Federer, by someone who loves Roger Federer (which means they must be true):

Hi Roger,

I love you so much that I have to post a constructive message. As carrarakent said, you have gained some weight on your wasteline. I noticed that! It must have affected your serves, footwork and prevented you from making those smooth shots.

Also, there is an article in the latest Tennis Magazine. In the last page, it is addressing to tennis pros:

How to beat Roger Federer:

(1) Hate him and turn your hatred into positive energy. Don’t clap when he hit a good shot against you;

(2) Annoy him by prolonging the rally and by changing the rhythm to make him beat himself;

(3) Make him engaged in non-tennis related stuff (the author raised an example on Lleyton Hewitt who is going downhill now).

I read this article last night and realized probably those elements were compounded to what happened in Indian Wells and Miami.

Please wake up, Roger. The losses in the recent weeks were VERY different from the losses to Nadal last year. You lost to Nadal for technical reasons, which were fixable through training and practicing. But if you lost to someone like Canas for mental and psychological reasons, you have to fix it from inside out. No one can beat you but yourself!

The world and the sport of tennis cannot afford to make you go that way. You are a genius who only appears once every 5 decades! Some fans said “don’t listen to those naysayers”. I don’t want to be a naysayer. But you can’t dodge your head in the sand like an ostrich and not to face the reality. If you receive millions of messages and sort them by type, the top 2 types should give you good sense. One million pairs of eyes see better than 10 pairs of eyes.

Be beaten Roger! Feel the insufferable cold of defeat!


3 responses to “Hating Roger Federer Is Key To Beating Him

  1. Marat Safin Will Bloom, US OPEN BOUND CHAMP

  2. Dear Fellow Haters of the so-called Greatest Player of all Time.

    I must concede that hate is a very strong somewhat perjorative which more often than not
    i try to stear clear off but when it comes to this particular individual it cannot be avoided.

    I have always worshipped tennis players of calibres, backgrounds, races, credes, colours, genders and have never ever found myself with issues like what confront me about this guy.

    All world number players deserve a certain degree or respect automatically because of what it takes to reach the top. The irony here being that this bloke seems to think that he is entitled to win and his loss at the aussie open this year when he burst into tears and stole the moment from Rafa is a sign that he thinks he is truly larger than the game.

    There is no doubting his skill and talent. However there are comments that he tends to make time and time again which tends to make me overlook his ability and focus purely on him as a man.

    On this great day when Del Potro took care of business is always a tough gig and Juan Martin – WE SALUTE YOU. Look at poor Roddick. 3 Wimbledons runner ups to the Fed Ex and Rog pretends that he can empathise with Andy just like last year when he lost to Nadal. Nice try Rog. You are arrogant and ignorant and your inability to even judge where your shots land with respect to hawkeye in demonstrative of this.

    You may have made Marcos and Gonzo look foolish in the aussie open final but today you had a man who took his time to sum you up and he finally got your measure.

    Any day where you lose a slam final is a great day.

    If you’ve got an issue Fed – here is a tissue.

  3. My vid to my hate for Fed

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