It wasn’t a big deal when Federer won a few grand slam events and ran off a bunch of mini win streaks. We could chalk him up as yet another upstart pretender. However, due to the weakness of the men’s tennis game today, Federer’s brain numbing (alleged) superiority, people are starting to wonder whether “Federer is the greatest ever.” This moronic question that the mainstream media cannot stop asking has finally caused me to declare what is on everyone’s mind: I Hate Roger Federer.

As such, I have created this site, so that we may first accept the fact that we hate Roger Federer, and then we might make every single possible excuse for why he isn’t the best ever yet, nor will be the best ever, ever.

I want to state at the outset that this site is a tennis fan’s site. I do not believe in, nor wish, nor advocate, any physical harm upon Roger Federer. It is possible that he may be a very good person in his personal life. However, as a tennis player, I have every right to hate him, and every right to make every possible excuse against him.

I will remove any and all abusive comments. It is possible to hate a tennis player without calling him names or wishing ill upon him and his family.

Ultimately, the media is so desperate to make Federer into a god — a sort of Tennis Tiger Woods — that they’ll twist every fact and misconstrue all tennis history.

We are going to say no and protest against that, because we know the truth: no matter how much Federer wins, he is not the greatest ever. He does not compare to the great champions of the past.


6 responses to “About

  1. i love the new angle. I’ll be following your posts…

  2. You’re just being a contrarian. Come on, admit it-you dig him!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your dislike for the chap, but no mention of his silly little monogram?

  4. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree! Thank you so much for creating this website. I’ve actually met Fed a few times over the years, and as a person I find him to be a decent man – still not interesting style of play or compelling enough personality to earn my support or anything – but what REALLY hacks me off is how other people spout these ridiculous things surrounding him! If he loses a match, I hear things like “Oh well, he was injured, so Player A didn’t REALLY beat him at his best”, or “Player B is SO arrogant! How dare they take a medical timeout! They did it deliberately to throw Rogi off! They cheated!”. If he wins, I hear truly absurd things like “HAH, Player C DESERVED to be beaten into the ground, I bet he cried like a baby in the locker room!”. Before a tournament, it’s “Rogi WILL WIN Tournament Such-and-Such.” It’s so shockingly absurd, like real god-worship, and appallingly disrespectful to all the other players on the Tour. I think some of his fans can display really ugly behaviour like this. Tbh I think those people are at least a tad unbalanced. That’s definitely not a HEALTHY attitude to have, that much is certain. I look forwards to reading your website.

  5. Ummm Corinne, you are a dumbass. How is anything you say Federer’s fault? Does he control what his fans have to say? Are you an idiot? People like Federer because he wins and he rarely, if ever, has an anger problem on court unlike other players who break rackets and hassles the umpires.

    People that hate people that are liked are just jealous. Get over it, he’s good so people like him. People like Gretzky, people like Jordan. Do you bash them all?

    And for the owner of this site, people don’t volley anymore because they don’t want to be killed from a forehand. Federer is already one of the only people that even has a volley game even if it isn’t as good as the ones in the past. Times have changed, people are stronger/faster and technology has helped. Go build a time machine already and linger in your past fantasies.

  6. Hey everybody! Nice to meet you. I actually don’t understand why everyone is hating on Sharapova. Okay, maybe she is not the most attractive woman on court, but she has such a charming, understated personality and clear skill. Don’t hate, appreciate!

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