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Yes! Federer Starting To Suck

First he lost the exhibition to Rafa now more losses on clay! This is great! Its over Federer! No more titles for you. Ever! A wildcard? bwahahaha!

Roger Federer’s stuttering season on clay continued today when he was humbled 6-2, 6-4 by Italian wildcard Filippo Volandri in the Rome Masters.

Volandri, ranked No93 in the world, had won just five of his 14 matches this year. But he was far too good for a strangely subdued Federer, who made 44 unforced errors and converted just one of his seven break points.

The result means that World No1 Federer, who finished runner-up in Rome in 2003 and 2006, has now gone four tournaments without a title – his longest stretch without a victorious campaign since becoming world No1 in February 2004.

Just remember, Sampras’ downfall was signaled by loss to wild card as well.


Hating Roger Federer Is Key To Beating Him

Even Roger Federer’s people admit to something we already knew; that hating Roger is a good thing. In fact, you should hate him if you want to beat him. Here are some ways to beat Roger Federer, by someone who loves Roger Federer (which means they must be true):

Hi Roger,

I love you so much that I have to post a constructive message. As carrarakent said, you have gained some weight on your wasteline. I noticed that! It must have affected your serves, footwork and prevented you from making those smooth shots.

Also, there is an article in the latest Tennis Magazine. In the last page, it is addressing to tennis pros:

How to beat Roger Federer:

(1) Hate him and turn your hatred into positive energy. Don’t clap when he hit a good shot against you;

(2) Annoy him by prolonging the rally and by changing the rhythm to make him beat himself;

(3) Make him engaged in non-tennis related stuff (the author raised an example on Lleyton Hewitt who is going downhill now).

I read this article last night and realized probably those elements were compounded to what happened in Indian Wells and Miami.

Please wake up, Roger. The losses in the recent weeks were VERY different from the losses to Nadal last year. You lost to Nadal for technical reasons, which were fixable through training and practicing. But if you lost to someone like Canas for mental and psychological reasons, you have to fix it from inside out. No one can beat you but yourself!

The world and the sport of tennis cannot afford to make you go that way. You are a genius who only appears once every 5 decades! Some fans said “don’t listen to those naysayers”. I don’t want to be a naysayer. But you can’t dodge your head in the sand like an ostrich and not to face the reality. If you receive millions of messages and sort them by type, the top 2 types should give you good sense. One million pairs of eyes see better than 10 pairs of eyes.

Be beaten Roger! Feel the insufferable cold of defeat!

This Person Hates Roger Federer Too

I am not alone, just the first in the movement.

There are others.

Now we are two.

Roger Federer Has No Weakness

One common piece of reasoning you hear from the Federer Fanatics, and the mainstream media who has nothing better to do than to try and make Federer into the Tennis Tiger Woods, is that Roger Federer has no weakness in his game. For example, one commentator in a previous post represents this kind of foolishness quite well:

Federer only uses his big serve when things get a little shaky, otherwise he PLAYS REAL TENNIS and fights it out with his opponents, point by point, that’s why we get to see his awesome shots.

I’m sorry, but the reason Federer has to play “real tennis” isn’t because he “only” uses his “big” serve when things get shaky, but because Federer doesn’t have a big serve. That is weakness number one, and we all know it.  Yes, Federer can place his serves decently well. However, the fact is, there are no power returners in the men’s game. There is no one who attacks his second serve and that is what allows Federer to get away with it. Fact of the matter is, you will not, and in having watched every Federer match to date, I have not yet seen Federer hit a second serve ace. Ever. In a seven year long career, he has maybe a couple of second serve aces? This shows that his serve is a serviceable serve, and is not a weapon. His first serve is marginal and his second serve is a liability. However, the men are afraid to attack it. What you need is someone of Agassi’s skill returning Federer’s second serve, and Federer will fold.

Federer’s other weakness are his running shots. Aside from a running overhand he once hit from the baseline against Roddick I have not ever seen him a real running forehand like how Sampras used to, or a real running backhand like how the top ladies player hit. A lot of people like to say that the reason Federer doesn’t hit running shots is because he is sooooo fast that he gets to the ball before he really needs to run after it. That, of course, is a bunch of baloney, and a clear case of the same foolishness which makes people buy into the myth that Federer has no weaknesses. In fact, if you watch most of Federer’s awesome defensive points, in none of them will you find him hitting a running winner. Instead he will chip the shot back and try to get back into position. The reason that works is because, again, today’s men are all baseliners and just sit back in no man’s land, instead of coming forward and putting these shots away.

I know for a fact that Rafter, Edberg, Sampras, and Becker, are sitting around cringing at today’s baseliners without volleying skills, every time Federer chips another lunging shot back and doesn’t get punished.

So Federer Won Australian Open, Yawn

Yeah, so Federer won the Australian Open, whoop dee doo. Yeah, so it is his tenth slam (before the age of 26), big deal.

Fact of the matter is, that aside from the one strange fact that he didn’t drop a set through the tournament, Federer winning the Aussie Open, or his tenth slam is nothing to get excited about.

Other people had won 10 slams before reaching the age of 26 as well. Most notably, Pete Sampras. I do not remember much discussion whether Sampras was the best ever back when he won his tenth grand slam.

When Sampras won his tenth slam, he actually destroyed Cedric Pioline at Wimbledon, 6-4, 6-, 6-4. Federer’s score today was 7-5. 6-4. 6-4. Not only that, but Pioline, an all court player playing on Wimbledon’s grass, was probably much stiffer competition for Sampras than a clay court baseliner like Gonzalez was for Federer.

As such, when in the upcoming weeks you hear whether Federer is the greatest ever, laugh and move on. It’s just the Aussie Open (no one cares for it, I mean come on, guys like Petr Korda won it), and its just Fernando Gonzalez (whom you’ll never hear from again — meanwhile, Pioline, Sampras’ 10th slam final opponent, was a multiple time grand slam finalist, the other being the 93 US Open).

That other stat, that Federer didn’t drop a stat is a bunch of baloney. No one has ever cared how many sets one drops during a grand slam, and we’re not about to start now. If anything, it shows how weak the rest of the field is, something we knew already.

Welcome To The Site You Always Wanted

It wasn’t a big deal when Federer won a few grand slam events and ran off a bunch of mini win streaks. We could chalk him up as yet another upstart pretender. However, due to the weakness of the men’s tennis game today, Federer’s brain numbing (alleged) superiority, people are starting to wonder whether “Federer is the greatest ever.” This moronic question that the mainstream media cannot stop asking has finally caused me to declare what is on everyone’s mind: I Hate Roger Federer.

As such, I have created this site, so that we may first accept the fact that we hate Roger Federer, and then we might make every single possible excuse for why he isn’t the best ever yet, nor will be the best ever, ever.

I want to state at the outset that this site is a tennis fan’s site. I do not believe in, nor wish, nor advocate, any physical harm upon Roger Federer. It is possible that he may be a very good person in his personal life. However, as a tennis player, I have every right to hate him, and every right to make every possible excuse against him.

I will remove any and all abusive comments. It is possible to hate a tennis player without calling him names or wishing ill upon him and his family.

Ultimately, the media is so desperate to make Federer into a god — a sort of Tennis Tiger Woods — that they’ll twist every fact and misconstrue all tennis history.

We are going to say no and protest against that, because we know the truth: no matter how much Federer wins, he is not the greatest ever. He does not compare to the great champions of the past.